About Us

“If one’s wit be wandering, let them study the mathematics” —Francis Bacon

“The secret to happiness is helping others” —Ubiquitous Knowledge

Our Mission

Quasicoherent Labs is a 'space' for analytic approaches to a variety of problems. Our emphasis is on coherent thinking, rigorous foundations and clear assumptions, non-partisanship, and intersectional ideals. The hope of Quasicoherent Labs is to show that clear analytic thinking can illuminate questions across the spectrum and lead to a better understanding of the universe, society, and ourselves. We are a team of problem solvers who use mathematical, qualitative, and data science approaches to resolve a variety of challenges. We define success as helping others achieve a clear understanding of their world and problems--and by leveraging that understanding to make informed decisions, and make stronger connections to that world.

Do you have data, but are unsure how to use it? Is your data in the wrong place, too slowly aggregated, or too messy to integrate with the rest of your process? Are you dealing with a research problem, but find it ill-defined, uncertain, and overly complex? These troubles are our expertise. Whether social or political issues, environmental or sustainability problems, or a purely data science problem, our organization's focus is providing an intuitive and thorough explanation of the systems in question.

Bryan is a software/data engineer and mathematics Ph.D., and the founder of Quasicoherent Labs. He is deeply interested in intersectional feminism, social justice, words, culture, and any problem worth solving.

Eric is a data scientist in the financial space. He joined Quasicoherent Labs as a founding member in 2015, and holds his PhD in mathematics.

Will Chernoff joined Quasicoherent Labs as a founding member in 2015. He holds a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Statistics, and is ABD in Sociology. His research interests focus on social control and resistance and their variations across different locations in social space.

Lee Goerl is a founding member of Quasicoherent labs. He is a mathematics Ph.D. with training in applied statistics, and is interested in machine learning and it's application to natural language processing.

Ryan got his start in the world of Electrical Engineering focusing on Instrumentation and Wireless Communication Systems but broke away from graduate work on cognitive radio to open and operate local coffeehouses. Never satisfied to drop bits for beans, Ryan grew into Business Analytics and has an insatiable lust for data.

Leo holds a master's degree in political science, co-published an academic paper on diversionary war theory, and loves to work on diverse projects. He also loves to study the behavioral aspects of decision making and problems related to sustainability, conflict, and human rights.

Janu is a software engineer/data scientist. He holds (3) master degrees in mathematics and theoretical physics. His current research focus is on information visualization and data mining for healthcare analytics.