Greetings from Quasicoherent Labs!

I'd like to sketch a personal statement here of what we are, and what we value at qCoh.

qCoh consists of people who think that the embrace of data and information is great, but also believe in the cliche that "with power comes responsibility". Specifically, where does large scale data aggregation, analysis, and visualization get us? Does having mountains of data and applying statistical tests remove our biases when writing articles? Does presenting an interactive chart change someone's opinion on a hot-button topic? Does p-hacking enact change in our world? As Jake Porway mentions in his article on data visualization for good:

Aside from just using 'data for machines', the best data visualization should raise questions and inspire exploration, not just sum up information or try to tell us the answer.

Traditional companies focus on "insight", i.e. how can we impact our bottom line using our data. qCoh is not beholden to this, qCoh is beholden to pursuing understanding.

So if not searching for insights, what are we chasing? Questions.


qCoh believes that the fundamental unit of information is the question. Instead of focusing on facts, observations, data, theories, hypothesis, or even theorems, focusing on questions allows for the possibility of being wrong.

So when viewing our work, attempt to not see answers, but instead see questions, and our attempts at asking the right ones, and seeing where that leads us. Prepare yourself to reframe.


Bryan Bischof, Founder